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22. November 2016
M&A: @Klarna übernimmt insolvente@Cookies App_ Alle Arbeitsplätze werden erhalten; „unbedeutenden“ Kaufhttps://t.co/M0RsS847OAS847OA
20. November 2016
EY and its big move into digital consulting services https://t.co/RrGOll8iMF
19. November 2016
What is @Jeff Weiner's guiding philosophy? "Manage compassionately." Learn why - watch. #SGFUS http://pbs.twimg.com/amplify_video_thumb/800081213402689536/img/osu1ASVsH4nVqzgb.jpg
15. November 2016
Liebe Studenten @HHL News , wir freuen uns auf unsere Consulting Case Study am 24.11. Bewerbt euch noch bis zum 20.1
08. November 2016
M&A #payments : In Q3/2016 36 trx. have been reported; total disclosed volume $3.9bn @EY_Innovalue http://pbs.twimg.com/media/Cww0I7jXUAQHEMy.jpg
02. November 2016
Paypal CEO Dan Schulman: "financial services shouldn't be a privilege for the affluent" https://t.co/pDZIOGIORR #BetterWorkingWorld
01. November 2016
EY Technology Capital Confidence Barometer: technology execs say the tech M&A market to remain in record territory. https://t.co/EwvIAw1rCC
27. Oktober 2016
#VC @nanoPay completes USD 10 mln in Series A funding from @Goldman Sachs https://t.co/m5l2mSv1Hj #payments
18. Oktober 2016
Just days after the 15th anniversary of the firm we are now EY Innovalue - I look forward to catch-up with you soon !
18. Oktober 2016
Our new brand name EY Innovalue at the entrance of our Hamburg offices - looks great http://pbs.twimg.com/media/CvCV4JjW8AABIMF.jpg
17. Oktober 2016
M&A: @Mastercard to acquire @STET , French #payment processor denies https://t.co/gCmOyM0nXh
11. Oktober 2016
M&A: #payment processing @Payroc Buys @iTransact For Undisclosed Sum to enhance #mpos technology https://t.co/ghKTdltLbU
06. Oktober 2016
M&A: @Stripe acquires team behind #NoSQL database startup @RethinkDB to enhance #payments integration https://t.co/ZSLE5r8AnQ
06. Oktober 2016
GER banks launch sale of @Concardis reports @Reuters Top News; valuation €~360-550m; Advent/Bain + Permira among bidderhttps://t.co/FEXdrpiV5w5w
22. September 2016
#Insurance @innovalue Studie zu Erfolgsfakoren in der Ausschließlichkeit im#Versicherungsvertriebbhttps://t.co/boary39yWRR
20. Juli 2016
#VentureCapital #payments : In Q2/2016 53 trx. have been reported; total disclosed volume $4,977mn @innovalue http://pbs.twimg.com/media/CnytOCIWgAA_5LB.jpg
14. Juli 2016
M&A #payments : In Q2/2016 70 trx. have been reported; total disclosed volume $6.1bn @innovalue http://pbs.twimg.com/media/CnT2a5sWAAAKQpv.jpg
12. Juli 2016
EY and Innovalue is a great combination that generates a lot of additional value for our clients https://t.co/cSgqSLfn3B
12. Juli 2016
INNOVALUE wird Teil der EY Gruppe https://t.co/d9YFQRIhUN
28. Juni 2016
Swedish #payments firm @Klarna taps debt market for the first time raising $35m to accelerate further growth https://t.co/ucK33sxKfg
27. Mai 2016
M&A: @Ingenico Group acquires Nera Payment Solutions to bolster position in Southeast Asia https://t.co/xoeSzW8Dds #payments
19. Mai 2016
M&A: @Telenor Group acquires Prabhu Money Transfer to reinforce its mobile financial services footprint in Asia https://t.co/tZSTRRPRcW
18. Mai 2016
M&A: @OberthurTechnologies acquires South African cards group Xantium to increase international footprint https://t.co/vIN0bw50R7
13. Mai 2016
M&A: @Sandpiper Digital Pa enters Asian market via GoGorilla acquisition https://t.co/6USMN4SMck #mobilepayment
12. Mai 2016
M&A: @DIMOCO buys @Onebip for direct carrier billing services https://t.co/YB8QUJTBjm #payments
09. Mai 2016
M&A: @Bango acquires US carrier billing service @Billtomobile #payments https://t.co/s7uCRwCcrV
08. Mai 2016
Busy time in the industry... - see our latest udate ! https://t.co/IjQT2grUmD
02. Mai 2016
M&A: @Concardis increases stake in Cardtech to ~70% https://t.co/nkTKBH00PQ #payments
29. April 2016
Intesa in final talks to sell payments unit Setefi to ICBPI for $1.1 bln -source https://t.co/P4YLD1xzdw via @Reuters Top News
28. April 2016
M&A: @Barclays Bank agress sale of @Barclaycard business in Spain and Portugal to @Bancopopular-e.com https://t.co/R9AiJ3uaXA #payments


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